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Instagram Marketing & Advertising Retainer Package

Let's make SMART Instagram Marketing & Advertising Goals together. The beauty with Social Media & Digital Marketing is that we get real time analytics and insights to help us with Social Media & Digital Marketing planning and strategy as a business, making decisive and SMARTER decisions.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Retainer Package

Beat Your Competitors, Get More Leads & Sales With Winning Facebook Ads. We're able to do A/B testing on your Ad Campaigns.

I attended Creating Landing Pages with MailChimp on 4 Dec. The course was a well conducted one. Alot of content was covered in 2.5Hrs. I was surprised at what i could do with MailChimp to increase leads for online marketing. Participants were given ample time and opportunity to work on content during the duration. Good job Sky Digital Agency!

Bryan Wong

Angel Investor

Attended your video making workshop today. Many good, simple, accurate takeaways. Always best to record, review, repeat until satisfied. Keep it short, keep their attention. This applies for all purposes, eLearning, marketing, even travel journaling. Thanks Charmaine.

Ghee Keong Kang

Student from Institute for Adult Learning (IAL)