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Till date, Sky Digital Agency has gotten 8 of our digital marketing curriculums SkillsFuture Credit Eligible!
What does this mean? This means that, for Singaporeans 25 years old and above are eligible to use their SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the course.

No cash required if you have sufficient credits! To register, email us at

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$ 720
  • Latest Facebook Updates & Features
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business & E-commerce Owners
  • Facebook Video Marketing & Insights
  • Laser-targeting customers with FB Ads
  • Facebook Pixels & More!
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$ 720
  • Learn why MailChimp is more than Email Marketing
  • Leverage on Automation Series for Business
  • Leverage on Automation for Ecommerce Owners
  • MailChimp Reports
  • Insights & more!
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$ 360
  • Instagram Latest Features & Updates
  • 5 Ways to Grow your Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Basic Copywriting Skills
  • Design AMAZING Instagram Ads with Microsoft PowerPoint / Keynote
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$ 360
  • Latest Facebook & Instagram Insights
  • How these 2 platforms are different
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising & Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Algorithms
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$ 400
  • Digital Marketing Sales Funnel
  • Buyer's Journey on the Internet
  • Basics to Facebook Marketing & Advertising
  • Landing Pages with MailChimp
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
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$ 420
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Create an Ebook with PowerPoint for Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation with Landing Pages
  • Consultation about your content marketing strategy
  • Secrets to Content Marketing
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$ 360
  • Overview of Video Marketing and Statistics
  • Video Storyboarding and SmartPhone Filming
  • Introduction to Graphic and Video Storyboarding
  • Design and Edit a 45 second video for Facebook or Instagram
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$ 360
  • What is SEO Marketing?
  • 15 ways to improve your SEO ranking immediately!
  • Introduction to Google Keyword Planner
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Landing Pages for SEO Marketing
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Learn 6 reasons how Facebook Marketing benefits Businesses

We just launched our Facebook Marketing EBOOK in Feb 2018 to share reasons why business owners market on Facebook, and why you need to start!

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