Digital Transformation for Small Business, Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Forbes reported that 84% Of Companies Fail At Digital Transformation. As businesses, we know Digital Marketing is essential, but because we lack the understanding and application of an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, resulting in more than 50% of our marketing and advertising budgets going to waste.

Companies today see Digital Marketing as an expense instead of an investment. If there was a Return of Investment (ROI) on digital marketing, companies will start to 10X their digital marketing budgets. Is it possible to have an ROI in Digital Marketing, and how can you have an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy for greater ROI for your business? The answer is yes!

At Sky Digital Agency, we're on a mission to help business owners adopt social media and digital marketing strategies, to help their business grow, and stay above competition.

Get started in identifying gaps where digital transformation could help you streamline and generate for leads and sales. Selected courses below are SkillsFuture Credit Eligible, no cash required if you have sufficient SkillsFuture Credits!

$ 1800
  • 1-day Branding & Social Media Strategy
  • 1-day Content Marketing Strategy with Ebooks and Landing Pages
  • 1-day Digital Marketing Strategy & Sales Funnel
  • 1-day YouTube Marketing for Small Business
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$ 360
  • Instagram Business Profile & Case Study
  • A Buyer's Journey on the Internet
  • Best Practices + Instagram Insights & Reports
  • Instagram Marketing Strategies + Hashtags + Stories
  • Launch an Instagram Ad
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$ 360
  • Create a FREE MailChimp Account
  • Map your Buyer's Journey on the Internet
  • Lead Generation with MailChimp Pop-up Forms
  • Design & Create Email Campaigns
  • MailChimp Reports / Analytics & Segmentations
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$ 360
  • Latest Facebook & Instagram Insights
  • Buyer's Journey on the Internet
  • Map your Social Media Strategy
  • Design & Launch a Facebook & Instagram Advert
  • Brand Positioning on Facebook & Instagram
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$ 360
  • Facebook Ad Manager Advanced Advertising Tool
  • Craft Ad Copy that will convert
  • A/B Test Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Explore Facebook Pixels & Insights
  • Consultantion with Trainer on Ad Offers for Sales
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$ 600
  • Advanced tools in Facebook Advertising
  • Create Look Alike Audiences
  • Facebook Pixels and Re-targeting
  • Import Email Database to Re-target
  • Re-target users with past 365 days of engagements
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$ 360
  • What is SEO Marketing?
  • 15 ways to improve your SEO ranking immediately!
  • Introduction to Google Keyword Planner
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Landing Pages for SEO Marketing
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$ 388
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • Personal Branding on LinkedIn
  • Create Impactful Content and Grow your Professional Network
  • Share Knowledge w/ LinkedIn SlideShares
  • Copywriting Tips & More
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