Social Media Strategy

At Sky Digital Agency, we don't just manage social media; we orchestrate a symphony of brand brilliance that resonates across the digital cosmos.

🌟 Our Social Media Strategy Service takes your brand on a transformative journey, empowering your team with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital landscape.

Our Secret Sauce

Unleash the power of meaningful online existence with our Social Media Marketing Strategy Consulting. We're not just social media managers; we're digital storytellers, architects of engagement, and wizards of online charisma. Our consultations delve deep into your brand soul, extracting the essence that sets you apart.

Through our immersive 2-day or 5-day digital marketing bootcamp training, we equip your marketing team with cutting-edge strategies and actionable insights tailored to your brand's unique goals and challenges. But our commitment doesn't end there.

Our weekly 2-hour sessions ensure continuous learning and application of strategies learned from the bootcamp, aligning your marketing efforts with industry best practices and evolving trends. We also offer ongoing audits of your social media and digital marketing strategies, providing expert guidance as a digital marketing consultant.

Collaborating closely with your team, including designers and sales professionals, we fine-tune your approach, optimize performance, and drive impactful results. Let's craft a digital strategy that elevates your brand and sets you apart in the digital realm. 🚀"

This improved write-up emphasizes the comprehensive nature of your Social Media Strategy Service, highlighting the immersive training, continuous learning, and ongoing support provided to clients. It also underscores the collaborative approach and commitment to driving impactful results for their brand.

Benefits of Social Media Strategy for Small Business with Marketing Teams:

  • Strategic Planning & Alignment to Business Goals
  • Increased Brand Visibility Overall
  • Increased Audience Engagement
  • Content Creation Pillars and Strategy
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Competitive Advantage and Expert Guidance

Quote of the day:

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu

Our Retainer Packages.

Kickstarter for SMEs

$2,499 SGD

  • Min. 6 Months Retainer
  • Monthly strategy calls to discuss goals and objectives
  • Customized social media strategy development
  • Quarterly strategy review and adjustments
  • 2 x 2.5 Hour Marketing Strategy with 4 pax per month
  • Social media audit and analysis to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Monthly progress reports, performance tracking discussion
  • 1 x Paid Advertisement on Meta Platform
Growth Accelerator for SMEs

$3,299 SGD

  • Min. 6 Months Retainer
  • Weekly Marketing Strategy Call, 60 min
  • Quarterly strategy review and adjustments
  • Everything in Kickstarter for SMEs Package!
  • Monthly Analytics and Reporting
  • 2 x Paid Advertisement on Meta Platform
Premium Strategy Package

$5,997 SGD

  • Min. 6 Months Retainer
  • Weekly strategy calls with dedicated social media strategist for real-time guidance and support
  • Monthly Analytics and Reporting
  • 2 x Paid Advertisement on Meta Platform
  • Everything in Growth Accelerator for SMEs Package!
  • Highly tailored social media strategy with detailed content plan and audience segmentation
  • Quarterly strategy review and adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically need a minimum of 2 full days to conduct a digital marketing bootcamp alignment training.

The 2 full days will allow us to introduce marketing frameworks, and pick 1 or 2 social media or digital marketing platform to tackle.

Clients may choose to engage us for the 2 days digital marketing bootcamp before committing to a 6 months Social Media Strategy retainer package.

The short answer is yes! You can definitely engage us for a 2 full days digital marketing workshop before deciding on and committing to a Social Media Strategy retainer package with us.

We have a range of options for the digital marketing bootcamp. Topics range from SEO, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Email Marketing and more!

Most clients require only 2 days or 3 days digital marketing bootcamp to introduce the marketing frameworks, and we can pick 1 or 2 social media or digital marketing platform to tackle together during the Social Media Strategy sessions.

Previously, we dedicated five full day to cover a range of essential topics including SEO, SEM, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Instagram Marketing and Advertising.

In addition, we delved into crafting compelling Marketing Offers with Landing Pages, as well as introducing clients to the world of videos, including video scripting, all aimed at enhancing their digital advertising efforts for effective Lead Generation.

Depending on your needs, we can pick low lying fruits that we could get started with either a 2 days or 3 days digital marketing bootcamp!

Personally, we think that SEO (organic search traffic) and Social Media Advertising (platform can be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even LinkedIn) is a good start. Just choosing a search traffic and one social media platform to focus on will be a great start for any SME trying to work towards gaining clarity on their digital marketing efforts, and even a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).