Our Services: Instagram Marketing & Advertising Retainer Package

Instagram Marketing & Advertising Retainer Package

Let's make SMART Instagram Marketing & Advertising Goals together. The beauty with Social Media & Digital Marketing is that we get real time analytics and insights to help us with Social Media & Digital Marketing planning and strategy as a business, making decisive and SMARTER decisions.

Marketing is Telling the World you're a Rock Star. Content Marketing is showing the World You Are One. - Robert Rose

Instagram Marketing Retainer and Strategy

We specialize in aligning our clients business and marketing goals with what is communicated on our client's Instagram Business Profiles. We provide our clients with 2 session of 2 hour Instagram Marketing Inbound Strategy sessions prior to kickstarting the Instagram Marketing Retainer Service packages.

One of our favourite quotes is this: Good Design means Good Business - Thomas Watson Jr. (IBM CEO, 1956)

Many people think that Good Design is Expensive. The question is, have you experienced the cost of Bad Design? Bad Design in a product, does not allow a user to use a mouse when it is charging. Bad Design of a door will always have someone pulling the door in the wrong direction. Bad Design on Social Media does not attract your customers to you!

We provide strategy training sessions to align our client's marketing goals to the social media marketing efforts. Providing a monthly report and a discussion is essential to the success of any client relationship when it comes to social media and digital marketing.

We're focused on brainstorming and creating educational content for our clients as part of our client's inbound marketing strategy. Educational content can be ideas such as Fun Facts, Breaking Myths and Educational content, whether it is food, financial and wealth practitioners or institute for higher learning and education space clients.

Why Instagram Advertising is essential?

Instagram today has more than 1.13 billion users worldwide, and more than 3 million users in Singapore. More than 65% of the audience on Instagram are aged between 18 to 44 years old. Many of our clients who are decision makers are using Instagram almost on a daily basis.

Marketing is Telling the World you're a Rock Star. Content Marketing is showing the World You Are One. - Robert Rose

If you're interested to find out more about Instagram Marketing and Advertising, we have some FREE video resources on our YouTube channel for you. Visit our YouTube channel, or you could reach out to us via What'sApp, and we will share those video links with you via What'sApp.

Last but not least, your business and social media marketing needs video animation (aka Explainer Videos)! Here are 6 reasons why (in our video below). Enjoy watching!

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