Video Animation in After Effects

Video Animation is KEY to Social Media Advertising Success.

Sometimes business owners and marketers look at content as expense or that it is expensive.

What if we look at some proven results of how a Video Animation can bring down your Cost Per ThruPlay (15 second video view) on Facebook and Instagram, and how this data you have allows you to re-target your audience. Our typical video advertisement on Facebook and Instagram costs $0.20 to $0.40 for a ThruPlay.

If we have $1,000 per month for 3 months to advertise a video created, here is the math behind this investment.

$1,000 divide by $0.03 (take the higher result, ours is $0.01) = 33,333 unique ThruPlays on Facebook & Instagram Advertising (estimated, as this is dependent on audience size).

Let's compare this to $0.20 cost Per ThruPlay, $1,000 divide by $0.20 = 5,000 unique ThruPlays on Facebook & Instagram Advertising (estimated, as this is dependent on audience size).

Our video promotion typically cost $0.25 to $0.40 SGD per Facebook and Instagram ThruPlay (15 second view).
With Video Animations, our Cost Per ThruPlay is brought down to $0.03 SGD (or less as per our video below) per ThruPlay.

Would you invest in an Animation Video for your business?

Some of our favourite portfolios created for our client, Glinks International (Dubai):

Let's look at some of our Ad Results from our Social Media Animation for our Facebook Business Page that we have created for our Email Marketing and Content Marketing Courses.

We've created 4 Video Animations for our Study Abroad Education Client, Glinks International (based in Dubai).
Request for the links to view the videos we've done from scripting, voice over to animation!

Typical costing for 60 second video ranges from $2,280 SGD (U.P. $2880/video)
Typical timeline to complete the video with 2 rounds of revisions if script is provided, 12 to 16 working days.

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