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Sky Digital Agency designs and develops creative and professional WordPress, Wix & HTML Websites.

Some of our portfolios compiled into a video below:

Wonder what are some tips and tricks to increase your website's SEO ranking?
One way is to improve your website and increase the time a user spent on your website.

Next up, we share feedback with clients and friends who have asked for our 2 cents worth on their website, and how they can improve their website for better SEO ranking.
Enjoy the video, and we hope you like the tips! If the video was helpful, do give it a like & share. Check out our YouTube channel as well :)

Ever heard of landing pages before? Whenever you spend money on Social Media Ad Campaigns, it is always good to invest in a landing page for an increase in lead conversions.

For Landing Pages, the typical timeline will be 7 to 10 working days once the creative brief is confirmed, with all images, videos and copy provided by the client, or approved by the client if we're engaged for content development and curation.

For 5 to 10 WordPress websites, the typical timelines will be 3 to 5 weeks, upon confirmation of creative brief and content either provided by client or provided by us.

9 Key Fundamentals to Increase your Website's SEO ranking:

We highly encourage all our clients to have Google Analytics installed on their website. Here's how you can setup FREE of charge with your personal or company gmail account :)

Here are some of our WordPress website portfolios: 

1. Solaria Asset Management Corporate Website -

2. JWD Store It (Thailand) - (2 Language Versions English + Thai)

3. GLC Consultancy Seminar - 

4. Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Landing Page - 

5. Space Next Door -

6. Clee Designs Creative Agency -

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Here's a video of how our WordPress backend looks like:

Some of our clients would like a SUPER EASY TO USE WordPress websites, and at Sky Digital Agency we have capabilities to code a customized backend system on codeigniter PHP, Laravel PHP or Yii Framework (PHP). 

This system is useful for business owners who prefer an easy-to-use CMS system.

Ever wondered if there will be a Website Content Management System (CMS) easier than WordPress?

Here is our 2017 Website CMS backend:

If you are wondering which Website Content Management System (CMS) you should go for, get in touch with Sky Digital Agency at or call us at (65) 9296 3877

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