Overseas & Local Corporate Digital Marketing Training

Sky Digital Agency is on a mission to equip marketers and businesses locally and overseas with the POWER of digital marketing.
* For overseas training, min. 8 pax and min. 2 days training

For 1 Hour Digital Marketing Lunch talk, $80/pax, Min. 20 pax ($1,600 SGD for 1 Hour Session)
For 2 Hour Digital Marketing Introduction talk, $140/pax, Min. 15 pax ($2,100 SGD for 2 Hour Session)
For 4 Hour workshop, $250/pax, min. 10 pax ($2,500 SGD for 4 Hour Session)

* Special corporate discounts are available for bigger class or regular training sessions for their organization.

Note: 1hr and 2hr sessions does not include hands-on, while workshops 4 hour and above includes some hands-on.

Hands-on digital marketing programs:

For 1-day workshop, $380/pax, min. 6 pax for private runs
For 2-day workshop, $720/pax, min. 6 pax for private runs

4 Week Digital Marketing Program Course Brochure from Charmaine Lee | Sky Digital Agency

* Additional Note(s):
(a) Social Media & Digital Marketing topics can be customized to industry focus-ed.
(b) For classes bigger than 15 pax, an additional Trainer will be involved for full day engagements that involves hands-on.
(c) Course Fee(s) for Trainings conducted in Singapore will be charged in SGD, while course(s) conducted overseas will be charged in USD and an additional premium might be applicable for trainings conducted overseas that is less than a 3 full day training requirement overseas.

What is unique about our training?
70% hands-on training and activities, 30% theory.

Note: 1/2 day workshops usually do not involve as much hands-on activities.

If you require 1/2 day workshops with hands-on activities, please let us know in the enquiry form below so that our team can discuss with you further on your training requirement.

Training Venue: Client's Office
OR our office at 3 Phillip Street, #17-01, Singapore 048693


If you have a corporate workshop or masterclass enquiry, please provide us the following details:

1. Company Name: 
2. Company Person in-charge Name:
3. Company Person in-charge Mobile:
4. Company Person in-charge Email: 
5. No. of Participants:
6. Brief Summary on Training Requirements: 

For hands-on and full day workshops, participants will need to bring the following to class:
• Laptop & charger
• Mouse & mouse pad

One of our top content that helps Sales & Marketing Professionals is about Social Media Marketing & Sales Funnels:

Trainer Profile for Social Media and Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines

We have conducted trainings for lecturers, students and graduates (StartUp programs):


Here is a edited 30 min version of our "Social Media Marketing Strategies for Retail" talk in Philippines, Manila in November 2019.

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