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Social Media Marketing Retainer Services in Singapore

Are you making SMART marketing goals and SMART Social Media Marketing & Advertising Decisions?
That's one of the beauty with Social Media & Digital Marketing. We get real time analytics and insights to help us make decisive and SMARTER decisions.

Why is Marketing important for businesses?
Why is Marketing important for Sales in every business?

Here is something ALL business owners and marketing executives & managers need to understand "Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy" and why businesses are losing lots of leads without INTEGRATED DIGITAL MARKETING.

Are you new to Social Media Marketing & Advertising?

Here's a video to watch, a digital marketing lesson The Wright Brothers has taught us:

Social Media Retainers for SMEs, Education Centres, Education and Insurance Industry for Branding and Brand Positioning on Social Media

Sky Digital Agency specializes in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn Retainer Plans. We create amazing infographics and social media marketing content strategy for our clients to stand out from the crowd!

Facebook & Instagram Social Media Retainer Plans for SMEs (Plan A)

- Starts from $2,250 per month (U.P. $2,750 per month)
- Total of 8 social media post graphics per month for Facebook or Instagram
- Launch, Monitor and provide reports of 1 Facebook and/or Instagram Advertisement per month
- For posts to be posted to 2 social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) or (Facebook and LinkedIn), additional $350 per month to schedule 8 posts on a separate social media platform. For LinkedIn, Carousel posts will be converted to PDFs before uploading.

Highly recommended add-on:
- Instagram & Facebook Carousel Post & Ad Types (portfolio examples below)
- Instagram Story Post & Ads (examples below)
- 1 x 30 second explainer video per month (Who you are, Why you do what you do, Why choose us, etc)

Facebook & Instagram Social Media Retainer Plans for SMEs (Plan B)
8 social media posts (Plan A) + 1 x 30 second animated video
- $2,850 per month (U.P. $3,550 per month)
- Animation video portfolios are embedded below the social media graphics portfolio

Here are some social media graphics and video animations we have recently created for our client, Glinks International (Dubai):


Have a look at some of our instagram infographics for Social Media (1080px by 1080px below!)

We design Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) Carousel posts for our clients to drive traffic to your websites!

More example of Facebook Carousels done in May, June & July 2020 for Glinks (our Dubai Client):

30 sec or 60 second social media video examples:

We are able to design Instagram Story Ads as well. Here are some example (Optional Social Media Retainer Add-on):

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Advanced Facebook Ad Manager Advertising Tool Course | Infographics by Sky Digital Agency

Adopt a Digital Sales Funnel for your business (Infographic) by Sky Digital Agency

Here's a video to identify the benefits of Facebook Advertising vs Traditional Flyer Advertising.

Social media has become a part of everyone’s lives. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more have become our source of content go-to for leisure, work and business opportunities.

Ever wondered what is a common mistake made with Social Media Ads?
7 out of 10 business owners make this mistake. :(

Social media has also become the go-to for consumers to decide on whether they will purchase with the brand or not. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn has disrupted marketing and advertising.

The celebrated fact about these different Social Media platforms by millions of business owners is that Social Media Marketing has made it affordable for small businesses to GROW their brand positioning and business quickly with small budgets of $300 to $400 a month, to reach 10,000 to 30,000 targeted customers monthly!

However, you need to understand each Social Media platform's mechanics, and use them the right way.

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