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We have a 2:25 animation video to explain why email marketing is important and helps businesses with their overall digital marketing efforts.

At Sky Digital Agency, we provide email marketing solutions on 3 platforms.
a) MailChimp
b) MailerLite - we're listed as MailerLite experts!
c) HubSpot

Many companies use email marketing to shout out their latest products and service offerings to their customers, clients and potential customers.

That's the biggest mistake in marketing. In this video, we explain the differences between Sales & Marketing. And if you do not have time to watch the video, the bottom line is that Email Marketing is definitely not spam.

SPAM? What is Spam?

Spam is when you send an email to email and database receipients that are:
(1) Not expecting an email from you
(2) Do not want to receive an email from you
(3) Not interested in your products and services
(4) Marks your email as Spam/Junk after receiving your emails
and probably many other examples, but yes! We should only be sending emails to people expecting and looking forward to receiving our emails!

For E-commerce Owners, we recommend MailChimp integration with your website as MailChimp has a abandon cart series available on their email marketing service platform.

Here's a video where we talk about the benefits of Email Marketing (and address 9 reasons why Email Marketing is Important).

MailChimp is more than an email marketing tool like many other email marketing platforms such as MailerLite & HubSpot Email.

MailChimp is a CRM tool. If you own an eCommerce store, you're able to see which email campaigns drive the most sales, who are your top customers, what's the average Customer Life Time Value and the top products being sold with your email campaigns. 

Here are some email marketing campaigns we have designed for our clients:

Email Campaign (MOTOR eDM: Moving Offline to Online Rapidly), Educational email campaign consisting of 7 email campaign series once every 2 weeks over 3.5 months for Institute for Adult Learning (IAL):

Ways to organize an event with greater success - Infographic Portfolio by Sky Digital Agency

Blog Post: How does Email Marketing help a business?
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Aside providing Email Marketing Retainer Services, we also train business owners, marketers and our clients on how to use MailChimp, MailerLite and Email Marketing more effectively as part of their digital marketing strategy.

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