Curate a Highly Engaging Learning Experience with Zoom

Course Description

If you’re new to using Zoom to deliver your webinars and online courses, looking for a crash course guide on Zoom for  some practical tips on how to best use Zoom for training and facilitation, you’ve come to the right place!

This workshop is for teachers, lecturers and trainers looking to improve your virtual training and workshop facilitation skills increasing your engagement with students / participants. For corporate training, our workshop outline for "Curate a Highly Engaging Online Learning Experience with Zoom" can be customized to your needs.

Virtual Meeting with Good Connection
Compared to other online meeting platforms, Zoom has better connection compared to its competitors, such as  i.e. WebEx, Microsoft Teams.

Tools for Facilitation
Zoom was pioneer in having the function "Breakout rooms" which has helped in online facilitation, and small group discussions during workshops and trainings.

Software built for Online Training and Facilitation
Annotation, Recording, Multiple Screen share, A.I. live captions are tools built to improve workshop and training experience online. Zoom is the pioneer to these very useful and much needed tools just to mention a few.

As this is a workshop for Trainers and Facilitation to use Zoom more effectively, participants pre-requisite knowledge will include:
1) Mute/Unmute: Toggle this both for yourself and your attendees
2) Start/Stop Video: Toggle this both for yourself and your attendees
3) Ability to screen share all screens and specific screens
4) Ability to send message to everyone and private messages to specific attendees (and messages to attendees in the waiting room)
5) Ability to start and end meetings
6) Ability to start/stop recordings
7) Ability to pull up participants name list and thumbnail views (or gallery views)
8) Ability to assign host and co-host
9) Ability to create a single session and recurring meeting
10) Ability to put participants in the waiting room and/or admit them.

Item 1-5 are compulsory pre-requisite knowledge.
Item 6-10 are good knowledge to have.
Alternatively, we are able to introduce these features in the workshop as well.

Target Audience for the workshop: Lecturers, Trainers, Workshop Facilitators, Instructors, Organizational Leaders, Managers, etc.

  • Course Schedules
  • Participants Brainstorming for the use of Annotation Tool in Training
  • Multiple Screen Share of Participant's Screen

Charmaine Lee

Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Charmaine is the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Sky Digital Agency and Chief Learning Officer at The Good Designers. She has more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, specializing in identifying the gaps that will help SMEs increase their social media and digital marketing Return on Investment (ROI), generating more leads for their sales pipelines with inbound marketing strategies.

Out of her passion to share her social media and digital marketing knowledge with small business owners, equipping them with social and digital marketing strategy frameworks and agency tools, she has developed more than 12 digital marketing curriculums under Sky Digital Agency and for other schools in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Mauritius.

She is a WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer, an Associate Adult Educator (AAE), an Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) offered by, and a Trainer with Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), an Expert Speaker at Squared Online (Avado, program co-developed with Google), an associate trainer with Singapore Business Federation (SBF), an adjunct digital marketing trainer at Aventis Learning Group and more.

Active in the entrepreneurship and startup eco-system in Singapore, she has trained and mentored startups at SUTD VIE (Venture Innovation and Entrepreneurship), NUS Master in Venture Creation (MSVC), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Sandbox), and Temasek Polytechnic (LaunchPad).

Till date, she has trained more than 4,500 individuals, and conducted more than 1,950 hours of training for marketers and business owners in the last 3 years alone. Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. That’s how she learn, and that’s how she shares her knowledge with others. She enjoys breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding and find success in the digital marketing campaigns with FREE digital tools available in the market for Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Adult Educators, SME marketing teams and Startups to leverage on.

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