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If you are wondering what are some benefits of Instagram Marketing & Advertising, we conducted a 1 hour webinar to share and introduce Instagram Marketing to Small Business Owners who are new to Instagram Marketing & Advertising for Business! 

Social media has become a significant part of everyone’s lives. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube have become our source of content go-to for leisure, work and business opportunities. These different social media tools have their unique mechanics and attractiveness for businesses to not only show up on, but draw customers to their business. Social media today, is a social proof to the existence of a business, and a business resource to be able to show up on Instagram.

If you do not have a professional looking social media profile today, customers, clients and business partners are very likely NOT to take you seriously, nor choose over your competitors. What’s more, as of March 2022, there are 3,152,600 Instagram users in Singapore!

In the infographic below, we share some benefits of Instagram Marketing.

Instagram has also grown to be more than a photo platform. Many businesses who understood "Social Media Strategy" and "Inbound Marketing Strategy", uses Instagram as a platform to educate their customers.

When we first started to "show up" as an agency on Instagram in 2017, the social platform had very high organic reach (up to 50%). Even though organic reach has dropped over the years to about 10% to 20% on average now (we still have a handful of posts doing well at 30% organic reach), we find ourselves showing up regularly, and sharing even more quality content.

One of the myths about "Social Media Marketing", is that a Social Media Platform is no longer effective when organic reach becomes low. In fact, we should always leverage on Social Media Advertising, especially on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

During our 2-days "Grow your Business with Instagram Marketing & Advertising" class, we will give you an overview of the strengths and weakness of Instagram Marketing and Advertising, introduce a buyer journey framework when it comes to Content Marketing (aka Inbound Marketing Strategy), and why we think all businesses need to leverage on Paid Social Media Advertising tools to help you grow their business.

We work on your Instagram Advertising and ROI to help you understand the marketer's mindset, and why some people succeed on platforms such as IG while some do not.

Come join us in our 2-day Instagram Marketing Workshop to enhance your brand and adopt an Instagram Marketing Strategy!

Instagram has also grown to be more than a photo platform, and many businesses using Instagram as a platform to educate their customers. With the social platform still providing high organic reach (up to 30%) and high organic engagements, and many marketers and business owners are rushing to make sense of Instagram Marketing and Advertising for their business.

We have created many resources to introduce what Instagram is about and the opportunities on the social media platform. Here are additional resources you can save and watch later on YouTube at your own time!

1 hour 45 min video on "Introduction to Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents":

13 min video on Instagram Marketing Audit & Case Study for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents:

12 min video on "Instagram Marketing Tips for Property Agents"

1 hour 30 min webinar "Introduction to Digital Marketing for Property Agents"

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Charmaine Lee

Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Charmaine is the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Sky Digital Agency and Chief Learning Officer at The Good Designers. She has more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, specializing in identifying the gaps that will help SMEs increase their social media and digital marketing Return on Investment (ROI), generating more leads for their sales pipelines with inbound marketing strategies.

Out of her passion to share her social media and digital marketing knowledge with small business owners, equipping them with social and digital marketing strategy frameworks and agency tools, she has developed more than 12 digital marketing curriculums under Sky Digital Agency and for other schools in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Mauritius.

She is a WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer, an Associate Adult Educator (AAE), an Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) offered by, and a Trainer with Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), an Expert Speaker at Squared Online (Avado, program co-developed with Google), an associate trainer with Singapore Business Federation (SBF), an adjunct digital marketing trainer at Aventis Learning Group and more.

Active in the entrepreneurship and startup eco-system in Singapore, she has trained and mentored startups at SUTD VIE (Venture Innovation and Entrepreneurship), NUS Master in Venture Creation (MSVC), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Sandbox), and Temasek Polytechnic (LaunchPad).

Till date, she has trained more than 4,500 individuals, and conducted more than 1,950 hours of training for marketers and business owners in the last 3 years alone. Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. That’s how she learn, and that’s how she shares her knowledge with others. She enjoys breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding and find success in the digital marketing campaigns with FREE digital tools available in the market for Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Adult Educators, SME marketing teams and Startups to leverage on.

Get connected with Charmaine on LinkedIn:
If you have a corporate training or strategy session enquiry, do get in touch with us via our forms.

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  • Cindy Kwoh

    Social Media Manager

    This one day Instagram Marketing & Advertising course was insightful especially for one that does not have any experience with setting up a corporate account. Special shout out to Charmaine who will make an effort to advice according to the attendees' industries and needs. Thank you once again!

  • Cindy Ng

    Digital Marketing Manager

    The one day Instagram marketing & advertising course I attended was an insightful one. I like that the class was conducted in small group and we were given time for hands-on activities to practice what have been taught in the class. Especially thanks to Charmaine who has been helpful and patient in answering our questions. Definitely a course to recommend for small business owners who are starting out on Instagram marketing to grow their business.

  • Germaine Wang

    Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic Business School

    Had very good 6.5 days digital marketing training with Charmaine (under Temasek Polytechnic). She's an excellent trainer and the hands-on sessions are great!

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