What is SEO Marketing & How it Works

What is SEO and How it Works Blog Post

Nowadays, the talk about how your business can rank on Google, or how can you get more customers online is getting really common within the business circle.

In this blog article, we have a few videos to share with you about: How good SEO can help your business.

We will also explore: What is the difference between SEO & SEM, their definition of SEO, and 10 improvements you can make to your website, so you can rank on Google. The 10 improvements include 5 on-page activities, and 5 off-page activities that affects your website's SEO ranking.

However, before we get started on the 10 activities you can do to improve your website's SEO ranking (5 on-page and 5 off-page SEO Guide), one of the key factors to BETTER SEO ranking, is the total time an average user spends on your website.

If website A and website B are in the same business, say for example a Social Media Marketing Agency Website (both Agencies are based in Singapore).

However, for website A has an user spending an average of 1 min 30 seconds on their website, while for Website B, an average user spending an average of 3 min 30 seconds on their website.

Overtime, Website B (who can be a new Social Media Marketing Agency), late to the SEO game, will rank better than Website A.

With that in mind if you have launched Google Adwords before, I would like to share with you a 1 hour mentorship video session (trimmed) about optimizing Landing Page for greater conversion, from my recent Consultation with a startup under the SUTD Venture Building Program supported by ESG.


We get alot of questions from potential clients who would like to engage an SEO agency to help their company with their search ranking.

So, proper SEO boils down to the quality of your content you have on your website, and whether your content is what people are searching for online.

You may have heard alot about starting your own blog, writing your own content, and basically you will be searched online.
Well, that is true to a certain extent, if the fundamentals are in place.

So what are the fundamentals you may ask. For example, our company is called "Sky Digital Agency", and we first buy a domain name, you probably think to yourself, why is my website not showing up on the first 3 pages of google?

Here are 5 things you need in place:

1. You need to have a website uploaded, preferably more than a 1 page website. Start with 5 pages of content if you can.

2. Grab the 5 unique url of the pages, hopefully you have it properly coded with clean url formats.
Bad URL format:
Good URL format:

3. Submit your page URLs to Google and Yahoo - well, it is not difficult to do the url submissions, so do include yahoo if you can, though 67% of search are done on a research done in 2014.

4. Make sure your navigation describes what you do. i.e. Expertise, F&B Case Study, etc.
Be as specific and descriptive as you can, so that your navigation and website architecture helps you to be search.
Make sure your navigations add to your clean format URLs when users click on them.

5. Mobile friendly website. If you do not have a mobile friendly website, you will be ranked lower when a search is done on mobile.

6. Install Google Analytics to your website. This helps you analyze your website visitors, and helps you to find out if you're making the right changes to get searched online.

7. The more content you have the better, as you want people to stay on your website for a longer period of time, and this is only possible with content that people are searching for.

>>> Not only more content, but if you own a VISUALLY appealing website with a good user experience, you have a higher chance of a customer spending more time on your website.

In the video, I also cover some common mistakes I see in websites, and gave some insights and tips on how these can be improved.

Do you agree that, if you have an appealing website, it builds credibility, and people would be more inclined to look further into your website?

Do you agree that if you have interesting contents, be in high-resolution graphics, infographic contents and videos people will spend more time on your website?

If you own a website, here are some Case Study & Feedback I had about a coaching website.

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Do you own a website, or looking to build one?

We know the struggles of business owners, and for those of you who:

- Currently own a website and want to improve your website SEO ranking
- Currently do not own a website, but you are looking to build a website for your business

I highly recommend you to learn more in-depth about SEO, so you have a better idea of SEO structures, and know what to look out for in the Website Quotation your Website Agency is going to draft out for you.

SEO are structures you have to put in place right from the start, otherwise it is all about damage control, and it is going to involve more money $$$ to rectify the SEO mistakes without structures.

If you want to learn more about SEO Marketing, we have a 1-day course that will help you understand more holistically about SEO Marketing.

This is an ESSENTIAL course for ALL WEBSITE OWNERS to understand what SEO is all about.

SEO Internet Marketing Course for Website Owners - LIVE Webinar in Singapore

Small Class Training: Min. 4 and Max. 8 Participants.

80% hands-on training and activities, 20% theory.

Time: 10am to 6pm 

Training Venue: 6 Raffles Quay, #15-00, Singapore 048580

Course Fee: $360/pax (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligble.

No cash required if you have sufficient SkillsFuture Credits. 
Email us at and we will send you payment instructions on how you can pay for the course directly with your SkillsFuture Credits.

Course code on SkillsFuture Directory: CRS-N-0041548

Details we will need for SkillsFuture Credit participants: 
1. Name as in NRIC: 
2. NRIC: 
3. Mobile: 
4. Email: 
5. Home Address: 

If you are company sponsored participant, we will need the following details:

1. Company Name: 
2. Company Finance I/C, Name, Mobile, Email: 
3. Company Address:
4. Participants Name as in NRIC: 
5. Mobile: 
6. Email: 

For the full course outline, please visit our SEO Internet Marketing Course Detail Page >>>

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