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For those who do not have a budget for Facebook Marketing, here's a blog post for you to help compare the budgets involved when a company does Traditional Flyer Distribution compared to Facebook Marketing and Advertising.

Let us know your thoughts on the budget comparison! ^_^

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How can you stand out in this crowded market?


Till today, we still see many companies giving out flyers, and most recently, when I was on my way to have lunch (we usually head to Lau Pa Sat for lunch if it isn’t pouring), there were people giving out some flyers (p.s. i always make a point to take these flyers), and this time, the restaurant set lunch although appealing in price, was a little far off (650m, according to Google Maps).


So a few things are going through my mind, and i will be sharing it openly here:


1. What is the objective behind the flyer?


Was it brand awareness? Who are the target audience?


I could understand about “flyer distribution” if businesses where trying to drive foot traffic to their retail shop or restaurant with a promotion based on foot traffic near their physical shop. However, if you are a new retail brand or new restaurant, out of 100 people who took the flyer, more than 80% do not have your brand on their mind, nor the thought of purchasing (yet), unless you have a really engaging and thought-provoking messaging on your flyer.


2. Flyer’s messaging


If your flyer was talking about set lunch, unless it has a super good food graphic in the flyer, or a renown chef who has opened the restaurant, i probably would not go out of the way to try it.


So here are some ideas. If your restaurant is located in the CBD area, how about having flyer messaging like:

(a) Celebrating a promotion with your friends and colleagues?

(b) Bidding a colleague farewell?

(c) Birthday celebration amongst your colleagues?


With every 4 adults dining, 1 dines free. (just for illustration purpose)


3. How do the big brands do it?


Big brands incentivise you to keep their flyers. McDonalds, Burger King, KFC for example, gives out promotional coupon flyers with different set meal promotions on it where you have to tear out, show it to the cashier to redeem the meal promotion.


It not only incentivise you to keep the flyer, it is small enough to keep in your wallet!

Point to note, McDonalds does not give out 1 flyer to tell you about their new burger, or new set meal.


They probably have went digital as well, i seldom see McDonalds giving out promotional flyers nowadays.


So this is what i hope to share with retail and F&B business today (something you can think about): Your marketing budget.


With the same marketing budget that you have set aside for Flyer Design, Flyer Printing and Flyer Distribution, let’s compare the outreach with digital marketing, on Facebook or Instagram for instance.


Say for example, this is a rough breakdown cost if you do proceed with a flyer distribution promotion:

(a) Flyer Design - $280 (one-sided), some business owners may get designs done within $100, but you get what you pay for in design! Whether the agency brainstorms a good campaign for you, and so on.

(b) Flyer Printing (5,000 pieces, 128gsm) - $250~$350

(c) Flyer Distribution (5 days) - $60/day x 5 days = $300

The total cost for flyer distribution is $830


Let’s look at the rough breakdown cost for Digital Marketing on Facebook:

(a) Facebook Ad Design - $150

(b) Facebook Ad Cost - $30 (you can reach 5,000 people on Facebook)

The total cost for Facebook Advertising is $180


Say 1% of these 5,000 people who received your flyer or they saw your Facebook Ad came to your restaurant because of your flyer, that is about 50 people.


$830 (Flyer Distribution) VS $180 (Facebook Advertising) = That is a whopping $650 savings!


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