Visual Content Marketing literally means using visuals to communicate your content and messaging in your marketing collaterals. This could be done either online or offline. This term is also closely linked to the very commonly known "Infographics" that has been exploding all over online and on social media.

Let's look at wikipedia's explanation to support our claim: Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of informationdata or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. [extracted]

Infographics indeed was trending since 2012, but we had low quality infographics back in the past. Those bad infographics have died out now thankfully, simply because they had zero ROI.

Aside knowing that infographics are trending. It is crucial to understand why it is trending.
Is it because it just looks good? No, definitely not just because it looks good. But it probably showed results in engagements, drive traffic, and generated leads for businesses.

Let's dig a little deeper. Do we have a shorter time span of a person's attention now, or do we have lesser attention span?
If you have more attention time span, that's great for you, but we all currently have a shorter attention span compared to a gold fish.

Instead of writing a blog post about something you're trying to communicate, or statistics that you're trying to communicate and present, with the help of infographics, people understand what you're trying to communicate 60,000 times faster.

That's the POWER of infographics.

In fact, i was trying to read up on when infographics started, and it is interesting to note that it started during the caveman days!
Here's an interesting article to read about the history of infographics.

If you would like to attain a skill that is going to add to your resume having the ability to design an infographic by the end of the workshop. Do join us for our Infographics & Visual Content Marketing workshop.

The workshop is Skills Future Approved and Claimable.. Sign up with your Skills Future Credits, no cash required.

* This course is eligible for 40% PIC claim, applicable to eligible companies.
More about the PIC Grant:

Full course description can be found after the infographics.


7.0 Hour Workshop | Starts: 10am, ends 6pm

What you will take away from this Hands-On Workshop:

• Learn how to infographics can be used on website and social media platforms to ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE and DRIVE SALES!
• Be able to create your own infographics by the end of our "hands-on" training class
• Apply the skills to any marketing collaterals, to start design great visual collaterals, as what our participants like to call a "cheat sheet".

Overview of workshop objectives and outlines:

1. Introduction to the workshop (15 Min)
• What is Visual Content?
• Why is Visual Content Marketing important?

2. Learning from Case Study (45 Min)
• Visual Content Marketing on Social Media 
• How visual content becomes Viral on Social Media 
• Learn how good visuals improve your reach by 400% 

3. Create your Visual Contents (120 Min)
• Learn how to create a Facebook Cover
• Learn how to create Facebook Posts (1~2 Ads)
• Create your very own Facebook Graphics

4. Learn to Create a Simple Infographic (90 Min)

5. Create your own infographic (135 Min)
• Research for content to turn into an infographic
• Consultation & Brainstorming
• Design your infographic

6. Question and Answer with Trainer (15 Min)

What you'll need to bring to class:

• Laptop & Charger

• Mouse & Mouse Pad

Our workshop reviews on Facebook:

More reviews of our workshop can be seen on our Facebook Reviews


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