Social Media Marketing Success metrics on Facebook

How to Measure Social Media Success for Facebook?

6 out of 10 businesses is Singapore are using Facebook to advertise their business.
The common question we get at our workshops will be how do you measure success with Social Media Marketing & Advertising?

Since Social Media Marketing & Advertising is broad, in this article, I will share how you can measure success on Facebook Marketing & Advertising as the mechanics are different, and therefore the Measurements are different for each Social Media Platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter, etc)

Firstly, I am assuming that when a Facebook Marketing & Advertising Campaign is launched, you're targeting qualified people who has a high chance of being interested in your business.

I am attaching 2 screenshot from one of our recent Facebook Posts, where Facebook Business Page admins will have an option to pay Facebook money so as to push their posts and Ads to more people.

Facebook Ad Boost Post Settings & Options - Sky Digital Agency - Graphic 1
If you are only selecting the Gender (in this particular case, it is Female only for our targeting), Age Group (35 to 45 years old), this is not targeted enough.

The total potential reach is 490,000 people.

Currently with $100 Ad Budget, your Ad can reach approximately 14,000 to 60,000 people in total.
Unless you have $3,500 in Ad Budget for a single Ad, this audience is too wide.

Facebook Boost Post Ad Targeting - May 2019 - 03

So what's next?
You should add interests you think your customers might be interested in.

In this case, since the Facebook post I am boosting is a an SEO Guide blog post, I chose to target people who are interested in Business Times. Right now, Facebook narrows my audience to 36,000 people.

If I have a $100 Ad Budget to boost this particular Facebook Post, I would reach at least 14,000 people, hopefully more. In this case, if $100 did not reach 14,000 people, I know the Ad did not perform well. However, if the Facebook Ad reached 60,000 people, then i would know that the Ad Performed well.

Facebook Ad Boost Post Settings & Options - Sky Digital Agency - Graphic 2
So the next question is, what else can we measure for Social Media Marketing Success metrics on Facebook?

Since my Ad was a link post, and my Ad objective was to get more link clicks, that's the next measurement I should look at, how many clicks I got from the same amount of budget to similar demographics with different interest.

If you had a $100 budget, and you needs to test which Facebook Demographic responded better to your Ad, this is how you should do it:

1. $50 for the following Ad Setup: Female, Age 35 to 45, Location (Singapore), Interested in Business Times (Singapore)
2. $50 for the following Ad Setup: Female, Age 35 to 45, Location (Singapore), Interested in Straits Times (Singapore)

Say for example, Scenario 1:
The 1st Ad reached 10,000 people and gave you 50 link clicks to your website.
The 2nd Ad reached 18,000 people, and gave you 40 link clicks to your website.

Which do you think did better?

I would say the first Ad did better, as although it reached 10,000 people, it gave you 50 link clicks, which was your Ad Objective. Unless your Ad Objective was brand awareness (to reach as many people as possible), otherwise, link clicks will be the metrics you should look at.

Say for example, Scenario 2:
The 1st Ad reached 10,000 people and gave you 50 link clicks to your website.
The 2nd Ad reached 8,000 people, and gave you 70 link clicks to your website.

In this case, the 2nd Ad did better, because it gave you 70 link clicks to your website.

The common post mechanics on Facebook are:
1. Facebook Image Posts, common metrics would be reach or link clicks to your landing page/website
2. Facebook Video Posts, common metrics would be more views or Facebook Messenger Chat

If you would like to learn how you can BOOST your Facebook post, here's a video just for you!

Step by Step guide: How to BOOST A Facebook Post on Facebook Business Pages
Duration: 18 Min

As the video above mentioned, many people wants more sales at the end of the day with the Ad Budget and Social Media efforts put into their Social Media profiles.

However, more sales is the most confusing goal to want to have when you're new to Facebook and/or Instagram Marketing and Advertising, or even if you've been spending $400 per month for more than 12 months.

If you're new, know that it takes time to build traction and your following on both social media platforms.

Without an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, (which you can read more about), Sales should not be your immediate goal with Facebook Ads.

Say for example, you post once a week on Facebook, and you and/or your company puts $100 to every post on your Page, and boost it to a demographic on Facebook who has a high chance they are interested in your products or services.

1. If you're directing them to your website, and your website is not an e-commerce website but say a retail or a restaurant. It is not possible to give you sales. What will be a successful campaign would be that if you have an increased foot traffic redeeming the promotion you were promoting.

2. If you are not running a promotion, but just brand awareness, you need to have a call to action. Say for example, flash this post to redeem a FREE ice-cream when you dine-in.

3. In this case, your measurement of success should not be number of people reached, number of people who have watched your video, number of likes, number of link clicks or even the number of comments on your Facebook Post. 

For those of you who need a QUICK & SIMPLE guide to summarize what I have shared above, use S.M.A.R.T goals in your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

What are S.M.A.R.T goals you might ask.
We created an infographic on our Instagram Feed to explain about S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Goals needs to be specific. How much growth is your goal, in followers or $$$.

Goals needs to be measurable, growing a following may not grow sales.
Getting link clicks (for non-ecommerce website) may not grow your sales.

Goals needs to be achievable, the initial 3 to 6 months are the toughest.
But say for example, you say that you want to grow your following by an additional 1,000 people in 3 months.

Break this goal down further.

333 follows per month, 11 followers per day. If you are currently not getting an additional 3 to 5 followers per day, this goal might not be attainable if you're not changing anything with what you're currently already doing with Facebook Marketing & Advertising (from the amount of times you post, to the types of post you're posting, or even your advertising budget).

Goals needs to be relevant, we likely cannot grow sales by 50% in a bad economy.
Likes are not relevant to sales or foot traffic. Think about the type of engagements that are meaningful to your brand.

Goals needs to be time-based, if you need to find 1,000 new followers, set a timeline!
What timeline would be Attainable & Relevant?

If you're interested to take action and understand what Social Media Marketing is all about, learn about a simple 7 Step Social Media Strategy, how to create better graphics and Ads, Facebook Metrics, Mechanics, Insights, Laser Targeting Technics and Budget Allocation all in 1-day, join us for our 1-day Social Media Marketing BootCamp for Entrepreneurs!

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Social Media Marketing BootCamp for Entrepreneurs Singapore - Facebook & Instagram Course

OR if you want to focus on Instagram Marketing & Advertising only, we have a 1-day Instagram Marketing & Advertising Course for Business Owners as well:

Instagram Marketing and Advertising Course for Business Owners

If you know your demographics, especially if your customers are aged 20 to 35 years old, you need to focus on your Instagram Marketing & Advertising GAME, STRATEGY and COME UP WITH A PLAN.

The Instagram Marketing & Advertising BootCamp Course for Business Owners runs once a month, 10am to 6pm.
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Instagram Marketing BootCamp for Business Owners Singapore Course by Sky Digital Agency

Both courses above are conducted and led by Charmaine Lee, Founder & Creative Director at Sky Digital Agency.

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