How can Insurance Agents find more Clients on Social Media

How can insurance agents find more clients on Social Media - Singapore Edition

Are you an insurance agent and/or a financial advisor? If you are, have you ever wondered how can you find more clients as an insurance agent or a financial advisor on Social Media today? 

If you do, this article has some questions you can ask yourself on how you can get started, and 2 video Case Study of Insurance Agents / Financial Advisors on Facebook Business Pages, and Instagram Accounts.

There are 5 questions every insurance agent and financial advisors need to ask themselves.

In this video, I am going to walk you through what you’re missing out as an Insurance Agent on Social Media.

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1. Ask yourself if you have knowledge to share as an Insurance Agent to help your customers make better and more informed decisions

- This is what I heard from my friend from Aviva, that Aviva investment/savings plans have better returns that Prudential but Prudential has better marketing.

- As we were having this conversation, I was thinking, there is so much more Insurance Agents can do, to position the products they stand for whether from AIA, Prudential, Aviva, etc.


Naturally, if you have knowledge to share as an Insurance Agent, the next question I have for you is:

- Are you willing to share the knowledge on Social Media?

- If you are willing to share these knowledge on Social Media, what’s stopping you?

As a financial adviser & insurance agent, we need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and figure out at least 3 to 5 Unique Selling Points (U.S.P.s) so that our customers find it easy to make a decision to purchase with us, or engage us for our services.

Here's a video where I share about how Peatix competes with a giant event platform EventBrite, and a checklist for you to map out your own U.S.P.s after understanding the example given in the video :)

If your customers are on Instagram, using and spending time on Instagram, here's 5 of our top instagram marketing strategy:

YOUR U.S.P.s as an Insurance Agent is really CRUCIAL.

I have created a video to help you understand how competitors like EventBrite and Peatix are different, and why event organizers will use Peatix (even though its a new platform).

You might say that you do not have time to create the graphics, but these are skills you can learn!

You could easily design with Microsoft PowerPoint, and in the video below, you will see that majority of our Facebook and Instagram Posts are designed in Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote.


Meanwhile, I am attaching some of our Instagram Posts designed with Keynote below:


You might say you are not comfortable sharing these knowledge opening on social media, for the fear that competitors will do the same.

There will always be people who copy. But if we do not do what we need to do (share our knowledge), someone else will, and we will be at the bottom of the Social Media Marketing GAME.


You might be afraid of people stealing your ideas or the graphics you created for your social media accounts, and many other reasons (P.S. there are ways to protect your graphics with watermarks).

My point to you today is that if you DO NOT do it, someone else will.

If you DO NOT get started early (like right now), you will be the one losing the Social Media Marketing GAME of brand positioning, thought leader, etc.


I am telling you, not many has taken this approach and run with it yet. I am going to share with you some Instagram Accounts of Insurance Agents that are doing well, but I think there is a MUCH BIGGER potential to do better.


Don’t be late to the GAME. People who are late to the Social Media Marketing GAME, tend to find difficulty to position themselves differently.

This is a brand positioning and long term investment, as you might not see the returns immediately, and it might take 6 months to 12 months to get organic results.


What you need to know is that Social Media Marketing needs 3 things:

- Social Media Marketing Content Strategy

- Maximum Commitment

- Consistency


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