Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Is your business ready for growth?
Would you like to automate purchase of your products with an online shop, or automate processes in your company?

Sky Digital Agency's is an agency arm of our parent company, Sky CRM Pte Ltd. At Sky CRM, we offer solutions that includes integrated workflow (similar to CRM systems but on a smaller scale) to help businesses automate products and services they offer in their business.

How do we do it?
Here is a simple case study example:
An F&B Client has been running their Restaurant for the past 5 years, and have taken reservation through phone calls, and would like to explore automating reservation of their company.
So we sat down with the Client to explore possibilities of receiving reservations through an online portal, linked directly from their website. The Client will be able to input how many seats are available for reservations daily.

What's more, such implementations increases productivity, attracts and converts customers who have found you online as reservations are made available and confirmed within a few clicks. Have we mention that it qualifies for Capability Development Grant (CDG) by SPRING?

CDG funds up to 70% of your project that automates and encourages productivity and growth to a wide spectrum of industry. The remainder can be claimed under the PIC Grant.

If you would like to find out more about our services. Schedule an appointment with us at or call us at 9296 3877 / 6679 5782 for a FREE (Non-Obligatory) 1 Hour Consultation on your business requirements, and a demo presentation of the backend systems we have developed for our Satisfied Customers.

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Services Sky Digital Agency Provides

We provide a full service package of our clients requirements, and we specialize in the following design and technology solutions.

Invoicing CRM Systems

We embrace technology, SkyCRM's Invoicing Solutions allow businesses to view all invoices sent, follow up on unpaid invoices, have their total annual revenue calculated easily, and more!

Quotation CRM Systems

We embrace technology, SkyCRM's Quotation System is an avenue for Sales Productivity! Aside Invoice CRM systems, SkyCRM's Quotation systems provide a holistic overview of Total Potential Businesses and Actual Business Revenue.

Website CMS & CRM Systems

The best of all, our CRM systems can be managed in one login, as we custom code these solutions and integrate these productivity solutions together with our Client's web developments.

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