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If you want more WEB-TRAFFIC to your website.

Firstly, it will be really helpful to understand what SEO & SEM is all about before building and/or revamping your website.

At Sky Digital Agency, we aspire to help brands and companies understand what SEO & SEM is about, and how they can build their SEO Marketing Strategy. With knowledge, the whole game would be different even in your approach to the content you write about your company online. You will have a bird-eye-view of things, and able to plan your online marketing strategies better. Giving your business growth with the help of your online and digital marketing efforts.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEM - Search Engine Marketing

In our "What is the difference with SEO & SEM" SLIDESHARE, we share with you 5 ways to improve your SEO ranking on your webpage.
Also, 5 other ways you can improve your SEO ranking outside / off your webpage.

If you would like to improve on your SEO ranking, and SEM conversion rates, get in touch with our SEO & SEM Marketing Experts.

If you would like to learn and gain the expertise of SEO & SEM Marketing, join us for our next SEO & SEM: Fundamentals to Internet Marketing Workshop, monthly schedules available on Peatix.



For businesses who would like to be searchable on search engines like Google, what you need is a seo-friendly, and well seo-structured website. But every Brand, needs more than just a seo-friendly website. Every Brand needs to be memorable.

Branding is essential for every business. A Brand, tells a story of a problem they have identified to solve with their product or service. A Branding guide helps businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors. With all these in place, your business will not only be searchable online, but a memorable one.


A logo must be simple, memorable and versatile. Through research, reference, conceptualising, revisions and delivery, an effective logo should work across a variety of mediums.


Our brain reads visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics help you communicate faster with clarity to your target audience. Infographics today brings a business a lot of web and sales traffic.


Copywriting, is in layman terms is basically "sales writing", however, it is often overlooked in marketing. Good SEO involves seo-friendly copywriting.

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