Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Did you know?:
• Facebook has 3.8 Million users and counting in Singapore?
• Facebook is the only social media platform that is able to offer Targeted Advertising
• An average Facebook user spends 55 mins a day on Facebook?

If you are a business looking to leverage your brand awareness online, Facebook is a good place to start.
Well, the good news is that you do not need to have big budgets for Facebook Marketing, and you should eventually spend lesser on Facebook Marketing in the long run. If you hope to venture into either a 6 month or 12 month Facebook Marketing Program, and $850~$1,500 per month is something manageable in your business, get in touch with us to understand about the Facebook Marketing Programs we have for businesses.

Organic Facebook Marketing should be something every business should leverage on. This means that we need to spend more time to work on the copy, the offers, the bigger plan in your Facebook Marketing efforts.

Think about how you want your followers to respond. Do you want them to feel connected, do you want them to know they can always trust you as a brand, or do you want them to always think of your brand during special occasions?

If you have smaller budgets, less than $500 per month to spend on social media marketing, why not learn how to do it yourself with our full day, Skills Future Claimable workshops? After attending the class, you may choose to engage us for the first 2 to 3 months to learn more about digital marketing strategy, and start creating your very own social media Ads (even if you do not know how to design), we teach you how to do it!

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Which businesses should be on Social Media?

Not every business will benefit from Facebook Marketing. We've identified 5 industries that we're confident of helping boost their exposure via Paid and Organic Facebook Marketing, increasing their leads for sales.

Industry #1 - Retail & Fashion
Industry #2 - Beauty & Wellness
Industry #3 - Travel & Hospitality
Industry #4 - Restaurants
Industry #5 - Real Estate

Take action today!
• Get more word-of-mouth attention
• Create a wider and targeted audience exposure for your business
• Generate more sales or leads for your products and services
• Engage your followers
• Get new followers
• Collect their databases

If you need to speak to someone about your Facebook Advertising efforts, share with us about your business, and schedule an appointment to meet with our Social Media Marketing Experts.

If you would like to learn and gain the expertise of Facebook Marketing from a Digital Marketing Agency, join us for our next Skills Future Claimable (1 Day) Facebook Marketing Workshop, on either of our workshop dates below:

January to March 2017 Workshop Schedule

• 18 Jan 2017 (Wednesday)
• 3 Feb 2017 (Friday)
• 25 Feb 2017 (Saturday)
• 22 March 2017 (Wednesday)

For participants who would like to use your Skills Future Credits, please sign up directly with us (even if you see our events on Peatix or EventBrite), as those receipts are not accepted on Skills Future.

Duration: 7.5 Hours (1 Day Workshop)
• 3 things you need to know before paying for Paid Advertisements.
• Learn about Organic Facebook Marketing
• Learn why Better Designed Graphics gives you better conversions on Social Media
• Learn how to be a better admin on Facebook

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