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We assist our clients with an array our services, and also train our clients in these areas. That was how we got started with training back in 2014.

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Facebook Marketing Retainer Services

If you're not getting results in your Facebook Marketing efforts, watch this video as Kevin asks Charmaine "What can businesses who do not get results do?"

Charmaine Lee, Founder & Creative Director at Sky Digital Agency shares why we should not rely on ORGANIC Facebook reach. Watch the video, and let us know what you think!

More Facebook Facts:
• Facebook currently has 3.04 Million users in Singapore
• An average Facebook user spends 55 mins a day on Facebook (2014 statistics by Facebook)
• Facebook is a social media platform that is able to offer Targeted Advertising based on your audience age group, demographics and interest

- Statistics above were published by Facebook in 2014

To learn more about how you can get started with Facebook Marketing for your company, and/or brand, get in touch Sky Digital Agency's Social Media Experts at or (65) 9296 3877

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For startups and even businesses, Facebook Marketing is always a good place to start.

Why? Because, you do not need big marketing budgets to advertise on Facebook.

In fact, you may eventually spend lesser on Facebook Marketing in the long run.

If you hope to venture into either a 6 month or 12 month Facebook Marketing & Advertising Strategy Consultancy Program with us at Sky Digital Agency, drop us an email or call at (65) 9296 3877 to understand about the Facebook Marketing Consultancy Programs we have for businesses.

Although the organic reach on Facebook is declining, Organic Facebook Marketing should still be something every business should work on. If a post works organically with your followers, getting LIKES and ENGAGEMENTS, it will work better when you do paid advertising on Facebook. This also means that we need to spend more time to work on the copy, the offers, and the bigger plan in your business Facebook Marketing efforts.

Think about this. Whenever you want to go on a holiday, and you need to purchase a cheap sale ticket, which is the first airline you go to?
For us, its Jetstar, although yes i agree, and many friends have told us that Singapore Airlines does have good "2-to-go" deals.

But the key is this. Why does JetStar always come to mind?
Is it because of the experience with JetStar? Is it their weekly FRIDAY FRENZY deals?
Is it their promise of always being the cheapest, beating the cheapest air ticket price we can find on a similar route and time by 10%?

This all comes to a brand and marketing strategy.
Every brand's strategy is different, and Facebook is one of the cheapest methods to advertise and put the word out there about your product, and even services.

If you have heard about Facebook ChatBots, there are many benefits, and we share some of those videos in this video below!

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If you have smaller budgets, less than $500 per month to spend on social media marketing, why not learn how to do it yourself with our 1-day SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Facebook Marketing workshops?

We currently have 4 types of Facebook Marketing Courses, and 9 different digital marketing courses.
1/2 day Facebook Marketing Courses (non-SkillsFuture Credit Eligible) and Full Day SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Courses.

> Finding Success in Social Media Marketing & Communication (Facebook & Instagram Marketing Strategies)
> Kickstart your business with Facebook Videos
> Facebook Marketing Masterclass & Chatbots
> Integrated Facebook Marketing for E-commerce Owners

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After attending the class, you can manage your own campaigns! We even teach you how to design Facebook Ads during our workshop!

Find out more about Sky Digital Agency's Grow your business with Facebook Marketing Course and Schedules.


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