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Till date, Sky Digital Agency has gotten 10 of our digital marketing curriculums SkillsFuture Credit Eligible!
What does this mean? This means that, for Singaporeans 25 years old and above who are eligible, can use their personal SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the course. No cash required if you have sufficient credits! To register, email us at

Company sponsored employees can email us at Company if eligible can choose to claim $2/hour from absentee payroll.

$ 360
  • 5 Ways to Grow your Instagram Followers
  • Brainstorm an Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Learn about better Keyword Copywriting
  • Design AMAZING Instagram Ads with Microsoft PowerPoint / Keynote
  • Instagram Videos & InstaStories
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$ 720
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Store Owners
  • Creating a Facebook Carousel Post and Ad (Max. 5 graphics)
  • Create a Facebook Slideshow Video Post
  • Laser-target your potential customers on Facebook
  • Re-target your customers on Facebook
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$ 720
  • Automation with Birthday Series for E-commerce Customers
  • Automation with Abandon Cart Series
  • Automation with Lapse Purchase Series
  • Design Amazing Graphics for your Email Marketing Campaigns with PowerPoint
  • MailChimp Reports & Analytics
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$ 360
  • What is SEO Marketing?
  • How to improve my website ranking on Google?
  • 15 on-page and off-page activities to increase your SEO ranking!
  • Introduction to Google Keyword Planner
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
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$ 360
  • Grow your business with videos
  • Learn why videos drive the most organic reach
  • Learn video marketing strategies
  • Create VIDEOS to promote your business
  • Launch video ads as paid advertisement
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$ 800
  • Optimize your Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Curate Content and Grow your Professional Network
  • Create LinkedIn SlideShares
  • Copywriting Tips & Key Principles
  • Lead Generation on LinkedIn
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$ 450
  • Fundaments to Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy Framework
  • Content Marketing Tips
  • Tricks and Resources
  • Content Planning with Google's Keyword Planner
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$ 360
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising & Communication Strategies
  • Facebook & Instagram Insights and Analytics
  • Advertising Budget & Planning Guide
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$ 360
  • Create a FREE MailChimp Account
  • Grow your email list with MailChimp Pop-up Forms
  • Automate email database collection with MailChimp Forms
  • Create and Design Email Campaigns in MailChimp
  • MailChimp Reports & Analytics
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$ 500
  • Advanced tools in Facebook Advertising
  • Create Look Alike Audiences
  • Facebook Pixels and Re-targeting
  • Import Email Database to Re-target
  • Re-target users with past 365 days of engagements
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$ 360
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Keywords Copywriting Skills
  • Create a Facebook Carousel Post & Advert
  • Create a Facebook Slideshow Post & Advert
  • Launch a laser-target audience Advertisement
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$ 850
  • Build a 3-page WordPress Website
  • Buy Domain Name
  • Buy Hosting for Website and Emails
  • Setup Business Emails
  • Have a working website by the end of the course
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$ 45
  • Introduction to Instagram Marketing
  • Introduction to Facebook ChatBots
  • Lead Generation with MailChimp
  • Basics to Email Marketing with MailChimp
  • Get Started with Video Content Marketing
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Learn 6 reasons how Facebook Marketing benefits Businesses

We just launched our Facebook Marketing EBOOK in Feb 2018 to share reasons why business owners market on Facebook, and why you need to start!

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