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Today, we would like to share with you tips on how you can increase your Facebook Organic Reach with your Facebook followers.

To do this, we need to understand the types of posts that typically work better on Facebook for your business. But generally, we know that videos work better in engagements, and traffic. After knowing what types of posts typically work better for you on Facebook, its to replicate what works and continue to drive more engagements and traffic for you and your business.

How does organic Facebook reach work?

Say for example, you have 400 followers on Facebook, each time you post something, Facebook will distribute it to a fraction of your followers to see how they respond to your post before distributing it to your other followers on Facebook, and this is what makes or breaks your organic reach for that Facebook Post. 

If the 1st fraction of followers engage and respond/react to your post (like, comment, share) Facebook's algorithm will rank your post(s) better and start pushing this post to your other Facebook follower's feed.

1. Share SMART content. Contents that make people look smart when they LIKE or SHARE your posts.

2. Try your very BEST not use more than 20% text in your Facebook Posts and Ads

3. Selfies, Photos are usually distributed to more FOLLOWERS because they do not contain any texts.

4. Videos - Many of our videos gets distributed to x2 or x3 the amount of FOLLOWERS we have on Facebook
Say for example we have 400 followers, the videos and posts about videos are distributed to 800 to 1,500 unique Facebook users.

If you are advertising on Facebook, this video below maybe useful for you!
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Hope this video was useful, do Subscribe to us on YouTube!

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