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We were discussing about 5 misconceptions of SEO during our SEO & SEM "Fundamentals to Internet Marketing" class last weekend, and I thought we could create an infographic about it during our infographics class today. So here goes! Let us know if you have other questions on SEO that we can help address in future infographics that we create!


Top 5 misconceptions to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

We do need to engage a developer to help us create a website with clean, descriptive, robot friendly URL formats.

For example:

Well, we need to have well designed website. We only have 15 seconds to impress a website visitor. Good Design means good business.

SEO takes time. 3 to 5 months minimum, especially if your domain is new, and do not have domain authority yet. It takes time to build it.

Effective SEO requires your website to have fresh content, at least on a weekly basis, so the search engine robots know that you have a website that is not "dead".

That's in 2013, the robots are much smarter now, excluding websites that has no real content with tons of backlinks to their website.

We hope the pointers above do help to address some common misconceptions of SEO.
Feel free to write in to us, if you have a question about SEO for your website, or join us for one of our SEO & SEM workshops that is SkillsFuture Approved as well. :)


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